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Beijing 2022 conducts water******

BEIJING, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- Snow making for Alpine skiing events at the 2022 Winter Olympics is underway in Beijing's Yanqing district and is expected to be completed by mid-January.。

The water needed for snow making at the Yanqing competition zone, where Alpine skiing events will be staged, will account for just 1.6 percent of water used in the area, according to the Beijing Water Authority.。

In the Zhangjiakou competition zone, where freestyle skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biathlon and ski jumping events will take place, the water demand during the Games will account for 9.8 percent of the total current water consumption in Zhangjiakou's Chongli district.。

"The man-made snow will not affect the local water usage," said Zhao Weidong, a spokesman for the Beijing 2022 organizing committee (BOCOG).。

Competition snow requires a higher density than recreational snow in order to meet the requirements of the FIS, professional skiing's governing body, and to ensure conditions are consistent for each competitor.。

Man-made snow was first used at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympic Winter Games. Around 90 percent of snow used at the Alpine skiing venue for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics was artificial, while man-made snow was also a feature of Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014.。

In line with Beijing 2022's goal of hosting a sustainable and eco-friendly Games, a series of water-conserving techniques have been adopted in snowmaking, according to BOCOG.。

"For Alpine skiing, natural snowfall is incapable of providing sufficient competition snow. Even if the natural snow depth reaches 3m, it can only be compressed into a snow layer of 30cm to 40cm in depth, still far off the requirement for Olympic tracks, which is also one of the reasons why man-made snow has been widely used in snow sports in Winter Olympics worldwide," said Lyu Hongyou, an operations manager at Yanqing.。

Snow-making is not an irreversible consumption of water resources; instead, the snow-melt water can be recycled into reservoirs. Three reservoirs with a total maximum water storage of 160,000 cubic meters can collect the snow-melt and rainwater through conduits in the Yanqing competition zone and pump up the water for snowmaking in the venues, forming an internal recycle of water resources, said Sun Xianghui, an engineer from Beijing Beikong Jing'ao Construction Corporation.。

In the south of Yanqing, a sewage treatment station has been established to process the sanitary sewage from the competition zone into reclaimed water for plant-watering and toilet use, Sun added.。

During the snowmaking process for Beijing 2022 venues, the collected natural precipitation and the overland runoff will be primarily used, and an intelligent system will help decide the timing for snowmaking based on the weather conditions, also in an endeavor to further save water resources and improve efficiency, Zhao said. Enditem。

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陕西已完成前两例病例全基因测序 明确为德尔塔变异株******


针对近期陕西重大会议、重要活动多,残特奥会、杨凌农高会、欧亚经济论坛等重大会议活动陆续在陕举办,外来人员多、成分复杂、管控难度大。陕西在快速有效做好本轮疫情处置的同时,举一反三,提高警惕,毫不放松抓好陕西全省社会面疫情防控工作,封闭相关风险场所,对病例活动过的18处风险场所封闭管理,已消杀面积约24.3万平方米。对高风险人员,每2天开展1次核酸检测,对省上规定的21类重点人群的其他人员每周检测2次。(总台记者 吴成轩 刘天惠)



Maccabi hand Barcelona first defeat in basketball's Euro League******

JERUSALEM, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- Israeli champions Maccabi Tel Aviv notched an impressive 85-68 home win over Spanish champions FC Barcelona in the seventh round of basketball's Euro League on Thursday evening.

It was Barcelona's first loss in the tournament after six straight wins, while Maccabi now have five wins in seven games.

Maccabi dominated the first quarter, which ended 31-18, thanks to points by Derrick Williams, Scottie Wilbekin and Jalen Reynolds.

James Nunnally and Keenan Evans lifted the home team 45-24 ahead in the 26th minute and ended the half 56-36 up.

Nicola Mirotic led Barcelona to an 8-0 run early in the third quarter, and later the gap was cut to 65-54 at the end of the quarter with key points by Cory Higgins.

A strong team defense and significant offensive contribution by Wilbekin raised Maccabi to 74-58, and the Israeli side held on for a comfortable win.

Nunnally scored a team-high 17 points for Maccabi, with Wilbekin adding 16 more.

Higgins led the Barcelona scorers with a game-high 20 points. Mirotic added 17 points.

Barcelona will play their next game in Italy against Olimpia Milano on November 4, while Maccabi will face Saski Baskonia in Spain the following evening. Enditem

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